Norse Commercial Services

Norse Commercial Services

Norse Commercial Services (NCS) has purchased a Ventrac 4500 all-terrain compact tractor and Tough Cut deck, through supplying dealer Ernest Doe & Sons, to help maintain the embankments of the new Broadland Northway. The 19.5 km (12 mile) dual carriageway, formerly known as the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR) connects traffic from the eastern approaches to the northwest of the city.

Completed in April 2018 at a cost of £208 million, it has 39 km (24 miles) of embankments that have been planted with 380,000 native shrubs and trees, including gorse, oak, acer and hawthorn. Areas with no tree or shrub planting have been seeded with four differing mixes of wildflower seeds. It is these wildflower areas that the Ventrac and Tough Cut deck are maintaining.

Simon Mutten is the Head of Policy and Strategy at GYB Services, Project Co-ordinator for the NCS and lead liaison with the client, Norfolk County Council. Commenting on the new machine he said,

“The Environmental Management Plan requires a cut and rake of the wildflower sections twice a year. This is the first year that the embankments have been cut and we required a machine to work alongside our existing Roboflail, to increase productivity on the larger areas. We have 1.5 million square metres to maintain, so we were looking for something more productive to ensure that we provide best value to the client.”

Martin Adcock is Operations Manager at Norwich Norse Environmental, one of the three companies involved in the joint venture to maintain the highway, and was the person tasked with finding a solution to the maintenance issue.

“My first action was an internet search for slope mowers. Remote controlled mowers, including our Roboflail, featured prominently but productivity was an issue due to their limited width of cut. The Ventrac also featured in the search and, with its 1.7 metre cutting width and maximum speed of around 16 km an hour, it appeared that it could do the job. However, I had not heard of the machine before and was quite sceptical. I contacted our dealer, Ernest Doe, who is a trusted partner and has supplied us with groundscare equipment for many years.

“They advised that they had experience of the machine and could arrange a demonstration, which was done very quickly. Once I’d seen it in action, and had a chance to operate it myself, I realised that it would certainly do the job for us. The demo was brilliant; it tackled the embankments with ease and left a very acceptable finish. With a ground pressure of just 6 psi, it’s gentle on the newly established slopes and can be used at 30 degrees, something no other ride-on machine can achieve. We are also using it around the lagoons that take the water run-off from the road.”

Eton College’s Dorney Lake Maintenance

Eton College’s Dorney Lake Maintenance

Eton College, one of the leading independent schools in the UK, has purchased a Ventrac 4500 all-terrain compact tractor and multiple attachments from local dealer TH White Ltd, to help maintain the grounds at Dorney Lake, the rowing and canoe sprint venue for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Set in over 400 acres of parkland by the river Thames, the lake complex was completed in 2006, after 10 years of construction. It is privately owned and financed by Eton College and although it is primarily for use by the school, the facilities are hired out for rowing, canoeing, dragon boating, open water swimming and triathlon.

Paul Oatway

Paul Oatway is the Grounds Supervisor at Dorney Lake, reporting to David Warner, the Grounds Manager, who is responsible for all of the open spaces at the world-renowned college. Paul has been at Eton for 30 years; he started work as a tree surgeon with the Forestry department and for the past 25 years has worked at Dorney Lake. He heads a small team of two grounds staff – Bradley Gardiner and Pavel Lukaszwski and they are totally responsible for maintaining over 200 acres of grass and woodland at the international venue.

“We have some steep banks here at Dorney,” he said, “and were looking to replace our older Aebi machines, which had been fantastic for us. We asked TH White to source some alternative machines, but they were either too small and unproductive or had tracks, which we did not want. They finally came to us with the Ventrac and, quite frankly, we were not that impressed when we saw it on the trailer.

“However, once it was in action on our steep slopes with the Finishing deck on the front, we were immediately won over. It performed excellently and in the wet too. We initially purchased the Tough Cut deck, the Power Rake and Power Brush attachments, but recently returned to TH White and bought a Finishing deck as well. We’re very impressed with the manoeuvrability and the quick-release coupling system, which means we can change between implements with ease. However, the biggest plus is the way it copes with the slopes; it’s just an amazing bit of kit.

Dorney  Lake 1

“The Tough Cut deck tackles brambles and thick vegetation very efficiently and the Power Rake has saved us money when we renovate our car parks. They are basically compacted road scalpings and the rake removes potholes and levels these areas without the need to bring in new material. We are also a venue for several triathlons and the brush is great at keeping the pathways clear and sweeping away the leaves in the autumn. The latest addition, the Finishing deck, will allow us to raise the level of presentation as we can now stripe the spectator banks along the side of the lake.

“We’ve gone from sceptics to advocates in a very short space of time. It’s a great machine.”

About Eton Dorney

Built to host world championship rowing events, the lake must be Stillwater with consistent rowing conditions. It has 2,200 metres (7,200 ft) straight length for racing comprising 8 rowing lanes, each 13.5 metres (44 ft) wide. The minimum water depth of 3.5 metres (11 ft) and a return channel allows boats to move to the start, separated from the main lake by an island


For the 2012 Olympic Games the existing facilities were enhanced to include 20,000 additional seats; most of which were temporary. Construction began in October 2009, following investigations by Oxford Archaeology, and enhancements included a new cut-through between the competition lake and the return lane, a new bridge and an upgraded access road, funded by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).  During the Olympic events, Dorney Lake was staffed by around 3,500 personnel including volunteers; it could accommodate up to 30,000 spectators per day. A temporary bridge linked the Dorney Lake site to Windsor Racecourse, where a pick-up and drop-off point for Olympic spectators was established. Other access options existed for walkers and cyclists.

Dorney Lake has hosted the following international rowing events:

2005 Rowing World Cup (26–28 May)

2005 Coupe de la Jeunesse (29–31 July)

2006 World Rowing Championships (20–27 August)

2011 World Rowing Junior Championships (3–7 August)

2012 Summer Olympics (27 July – 12 August: rowing from 28 July to 4 August, then canoe sprint)

2012 Summer Paralympics (29 August – 9 September: rowing from 31 August to 2 September)

2013 Rowing World Cup (21–23 June)

The public are allowed access to the grounds of Dorney Lake when sporting events are not being run. The two-kilometre-long flat, straight paths that run along each side of the main lake make it a popular venue for runners, skaters, and even cross-country skiers practising with roller skis. The picturesque landscape also makes it a popular location for dog walkers and people out for fun.

The Club Company taken delivery of a further Ventrac 450

The Club Company taken delivery of a further Ventrac 450

GreenKeeping reports that The Club Company, which owns and operates 14 Country Clubs across the UK, has taken delivery of a further Ventrac 4500 compact tractor with Contour mowing deck and blower attachments. This latest combination has been delivered to Woodbury Park Hotel and Golf Club near Exeter and brings the total of Ventrac machines within the group to four.

“This is an exceptional machine combination,” said course manager Gareth Tucker. “Unlike some parts of the country, we had a very wet summer and it has continued into the autumn. This has created some challenges for the greenkeeping team, but the Ventrac has got us out of jail on many occasions. With its minimal ground pressure it can go out in all weather. The Contour deck is used on the semi-rough and the quality of finish for Captain’s Day this year was exceptional; we can lift the height of cut and also use it on the rough.”

Fentons Of Bourne

Fentons Of Bourne

Fentons of Bourne, Price Turfcare’s local dealer for Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, won the Best Allied Trade Stand award at the Midlands Machinery Show held at Newark Showground on 20-21 November.

Glen BellamyThe Midlands Machinery Show is one of the fastest-growing annual events in the agricultural sector, bringing together farmers, agricultural contractors, and suppliers in a friendly and relaxed business environment. Over 300 exhibitors were displaying products and service in the covered halls, with the larger products situated outside on the showground.

Fentons of Bourne in conjunction with Price Turfcare, created a demonstration area where visitors could see displays highlighting the versatility of the tractor unit and associated attachments. The demonstration arena featured two Ventrac all-terrain compact tractors and 14 different attachments including a selection of mowing decks, trencher, stump grinder, blowers, power brushes, power rakes and more.

Glen Bellamy, managing director of Fentons said, “We were delighted and surprised to win this award. At mid-afternoon a team of show organisers turned up, mid-demonstration, and presented us with the award. Rupert Price and his team put in a lot of effort to make the demonstrations meaningful for the attendees and there was considerable interest in the products. The Ventrac was probably the smallest machine on display amongst all the large agricultural machinery, but it certainly punched above its weight.”

Midlands Machinery Show Rupert Price added, “We were invited to attend the show in conjunction with Fentons and it was too good an opportunity to pass by. It gave us some brilliant exposure for both the product and the brand to a new audience and that was our main aim. However, it did more than that; we came away with demo requests and the icing on the cake was winning the award.

“Although tiny by comparison to some of the huge tractors and other agricultural equipment, the visitors readily appreciated the design features of our machine and the fact that it can generate such consistent power from a sub-25 hp engine. I think they were also impressed with its manoeuvrability and versatility.

Definitely a very good event for us and it made two days standing outside in the cold, well worthwhile.”

Saltex Just Gets Better And Better!

Saltex Just Gets Better And Better!

“SALTEX just gets better and better for us”, says Rupert Price, Managing Director of Ventrac’s UK distributor Price Turfcare


“For the past two years we’ve been coming to the event with the intention of raising the profile of the Ventrac brand, but this year there was a significant change. Visitors now know of us through our marketing initiatives including the social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, together with the editorial coverage we have received in the trade media.

“We’re still working exceptionally hard demonstrating the versatility of the equipment and the recent Turf Maintenance Live (TML) event, just a week before SALTEX, was another opportunity to get the product in front of prospects.

“Many of the visitors to our stand were saying that they had seen us on social media and in the trade publications. Now they are wanting to see the equipment that is creating the buzz. At the close of the show, when we analysed the number of demonstration requests we had received, I was quite dumbfounded. With these added to those from TML, we are going to be extremely busy between now and the spring of 2020.

“All in all, a great show for us.”

Ventrac Sales Award for Tom Bailey

Ventrac Sales Award for Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey, Area Sales Manager at RT Machinery, has won Price Turfcare’s Dealer Sales Achievement award and has been presented with £300 worth of store vouchers in appreciation of his efforts.

Rupert Price, Managing Director of Price Turfcare, the UK distributor of Ventrac said,

“As a young company we are heavily dependent on our dealer network and the enthusiasm of their sales teams. RT Machinery has readily accepted the challenge of promoting Ventrac and Tom, in particular, has excelled with some serious sales in his territory. He fully understands the attributes of the machine and its accessories and has targeted large estate owners in his area, with outstanding success.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only Tom, but all of our dealers and their sales staff for their fantastic commitment to Ventrac since we launched the business just under three years ago. We have certainly arrived in the UK groundscare market and it is thanks to their combined efforts.”

Tom joined RT Machinery in June 2015 as a trainee Area Sales Manager from the estate management team at SAS UK. He then completed three years of RTM training and has progressed to be one of the company’s highly skilled and dedicated Area Sales Managers